Anglican Fellowship of Saint Thomas

About Us

We are beginning the process of trying to gauge interest in an Anglican Mission in the area within a roughly 30-45 minute drive around Warrenton, North Carolina. Our goal is to facilitate the development of a community of people who wish to apply their hearts, minds, and talents to becoming more mature disciples of Christ. We believe that this is greatly helped by the fellowship of like-minded people, discussing and growing in a knowledge of the Bible with guidance from the wisdom of the ancient, undivided Church. We also believe that a community of disciples draws strength from one another, and that the personal relationships of believers mirror that of our relationship to God. For this reason our intention is that over time our community will consist more and more of people whose fellowship is not limited to an hour of Sunday worship, but in more extended times of study, service, and celebration.

Why Saint Thomas?

In a world of many religious options, often those seeking God have legitimate questions and honest doubts about where best to pursue God and if a particular religion is uniquely helpful in growing in a healthy relationship with God. We believe that a loving relationship with God must be based on truth, and that a knowledge of the truth involves freedom to question along with the virtue to believe and live according to what one finds to be true.


Discipleship: Jesus commissioned the disciples, and by implication their followers, to continue His ministry of reconciling the world to God through Himself, by the preaching of the Gospel, the sacramental reception of people into the New Covenant, and by the continual instruction of the children of God in the teachings of our Lord. Biblically sound doctrine is critical to this, as is substantial deference to the interpretive wisdom of the Church in those cases in which there has been uniform consensus throughout the Church’s history.

Community: The cycle of the Church Year reminds us that human beings move through life in seasons, much as the natural world does, and our community life reflects that complexity. We relate to each other in the sharing of ideas, a common worship, including corporate as well as individual devotional practices, service to one another as we have ability to meet needs, and simple social enjoyment of one another’s company.

Events and Contact Information

Book Study: We are planning a book studies on C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity in the near future.

Worship: Morning and Evening Prayer Services, along with services of Holy Communion, are planned beginning in July, 2021.

Fellowship: A social function, probably an outdoor barbecue is planned for the late summer.

Contact Us: If you would like more information, or to correspond or arrange to talk with Fr. Taranto, please send an email to:

About the Priest in Residence (Fr. Dominic Taranto)

An important feature of Anglican church organization is the accountability of local clergymen to the faith and discipline of a wider community. This helps to safeguard parishoners from some of the problems that can arise due to eccentric or otherwise unfit clergy, though no system of church governance is a substitute for the godliness of the members of a community.

I am a Priest in the Reformed Episcopal Church (The link to the R.E.C. website is here), and am currently assisting Fr. MacGregor at All Saint’s R.E.C. in Raleigh. Our bishop is the Rt. Reverend +Peter Manto, whose parish church is located in Ohio. I graduated from Talbot School of Theology with an M.A. in Philosophy, and currently teach history at Oxford Preparatory School in Oxford, North Carolina (sorry, not the one in England…). My family and I relocated to North Carolina a few years ago in part to start a small family farm (Clovermead Farm), and we have about 35 sheep, and a small number of other animals.